Five Stars and Five Years of Happiness!

It has been five years since we decided to embark on this wonderful journey of opening our home to guests. It takes a special breed of people to welcome strangers into their home, but we knew we were THAT kind of special people. We feel privileged to meet people from all over the world.


Our guests are always happy to put a pin on our world map and tell us where they are from. Marcel and I love to hear about their cultures, their traditions, their food, their activities, etc. and we never miss an opportunity to tell our guests about our wonderful area: its people, its cultures, its activities, and so on. Everyone wins!

When our guests continue on their journey and leave our B&B (usually with their belly full of delicious homemade food and a pair of handmade slippers!), Marcel and I always confirm that they were the most wonderful guests ever. Then new guests arrive, and a few days later, THEY were the most wonderful guests ever. Every guest we have had the privilege of welcoming in our B&B has been wonderful! They leave with a little bit of Marcy’s B&B and we keep fond memories of them in our hearts.

The reviews on our Web site say it all. Our guests tell us that they feel welcomed, tended to, very satisfied with their stay. And of course, they always rave about our food! We are proud to offer meals made with local products: homemade bread, cretons, desserts, caramel, etc. Maybe that is why Marcy’s B&B has received recognition such as the Outstanding Service Award with, a Certificate of Excellence with TripAdvisor, and an Excellent Guest Rated Award with Expedia. We are proud of our five stars!

The last five years have been absolutely amazing! Marcel and I have confirmed on numerous occasions that we have inherited two wonderful traits: the love of people and of delicious food. But don’t take our word for it… try it for yourself. Make the switch to our B&B. You will be rewarded!